On Flight solutions EVOLEO can provide:

OBSW – On Board Software

  • Near ready-to-go Baseline solution over RT Operating System
  • Management functions available (e.g. FDIR, HK, Sci, PWR)
  • Spacecraft side transparent I/F protocol (over 1553 bus)
  • Internal side simple I/F protocol (over CAN, I2C, RS422, etc)
  • Easily customizable to specific payload/experiment needs

DHPU – Data Handling & Processing UnitDHPU

  • RadHard Processing board (over 1553 bus)
  • Fault tolerant LEON3FT processor (dual core)
  • Internal analogue and digital I/O capabilities
  • Suited for High-Rel applications (instruments or payloads)

PDU – Power Distribution UnitPDU

  • RadHard Power Distribution board (up to 16 load lines)
  • Internal Latching Current Limiter and ON/OFF capability
  • Internal ADC for load power measurement
  • Suited for payloads low power distribution and protection

Engineering and System IntegrationEng_SI

  • Electronics, Mechanical, Thermal and Radiation analysis
  • Overall system integration

Payload Integrated SystemPayload

  • Single or redundant Control Unit (DHPU, PDU, PSU)
  • Internal room for easy integration of user-specific boards
  • Complete payload baseline for internal small experiments or simplified external payloads