TDP8 is composed of 2 units – CTTB and MFS, aiming to evaluate electronic components in harsh space conditions and to record the radiation levels observed. In collaboration with Efacec, the TDP8 payload required the design and integration of flight HW, SW and Testing.
EVOLEO contributed deeply to the design of the On‐board Software, EGSE system, system engineering and several flight boards (DIF, MTB, PDU and Backplane), as well as support to other partners on their own experiments.

TDP8 On‐Board Software

The SW developed over RTEMS manages the Spacecraft communications via 1553B, TDP8 subsystems control, Housekeeping and Science data collection, Internal Power distribution control, internal time synchronism and FDIR. It also controls the experiments scheduling.

TDP8 Electrical Ground Support Equip. (EGSE)

The EGSE is used throughout all phases of project development, from individual test cards up to integration on the satellite. Based on a National Instruments platform, it allowed major savings in cost and time. Main features include monitoring and simulation of communications (1553, 422), GUI and automated procedures.