Project: Decentralized Intelligent Management System of Private Distribution Micro-Networks (Sistema de gestão Inteligente Descentralizado de Micro-Redes de Distribuição Privadas)

Funding: FCOMP-01-0202-FEDER-034086

Partners: EVOLEO Technologies, ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere, ISEP – Superior Institute of Engineering of Porto

Schedule: (01/07/2013 – 30/06/2015)




The project that originated this application is the Portuguese component of the European SEAS R&D. The SEAS project was approved as part of the ITEA-3 initiative (Information Technology for European Advancement), which in turn makes use of the EUREKA program.

This project proposes to implement a system of intelligent and decentralized management of private distribution micro-networks, in order to allow significantly increase on the efficiency of energy resource management of these micro-networks and consumers connected to them.

It is intended to develop an innovative product, well above of the state of the art, using innovative approaches and techniques that will place the promoting companies in a privileged position in the national and world market.

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