Acronym: PEDDIR

Project: Weigth in motion and wheels defect detection (Sistema de Pesagem Dinâmica e Deteção de Irregularidades dos Rodados)

Funding: QREN (NORTE-07-0202-FEDER-023161)

Partners: EVOLEO Technologies, FEUP – Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto

Schedule: (01/07/2012 – 30/06/2015)




The primary goal of this project is the development of a low cost track side system able to detect wheel defect impacts and to weigh the train in motion. Such a monitoring system may facilitate the infrastructure manager task of evaluating if the load applied to the tracks caused by passing trains, complies with the regulations.

The PEDDIR project aims to develop a competitive track side system with two main goals, detect wheel impacts and weigh the train in motion. From the measurement of deformations in the superstructure elements of the track, the static and dynamic wheel axle loads are evaluated and correlated with defects of the wheel. Furthermore, the system is able to identify the total number of axles and the geometry, speed, acceleration and direction of the train composition.

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