EVOLEO System Engineering Services Are Geared Towards Establishing The Equipment’s Technical Definition In Accordance With Customer Specifications Or Requirements. This Includes Design, Architecture, Hardware Functions And Software Components As Well As Packaging, Mechanical Concept Tests And Validation Methodologies.

Our Highly Qualified And Trained Engineers Are Committed To Delivering Output Of Superior Quality And Performance.

Our system engineering expertise extends to the following areas:


  • Technical, programmatic and financial trade-offs
  • Dependability and system analysis
  • Worst case analysis to guarantee end-of-life performances
  • Reliability analysis with respect to the life time and operational scenario (stress)
  • Failure mode effects analysis (FMEA)
  • HW-SW interaction analysis (HSIA)
  • Safety analysis, fault tree analysis
  • Test and requirements traceability
  • Environmental analysis to establish the compatibility with the targeted environmental conditions (EMC, mechanical, radiation and/or thermal )